|HoG| Clan Rules !

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|HoG| Clan Rules !

Post by Osanda on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:38 pm

|HoG|House of Gain Clan Rules

01.All members must show up, help out where needed, and have fun with the clan.

02.NO cheating.

03.NO foul or abusive language.

04.NO hacking.

05.No racial or sexist comments.

06.All games servers web servers and voice communications will not allow cheating, cussing, team killing, foul or racial language and names.

07.Always treat people fairly and act civil and friendly to people.

08.You can't be in any other clans, guilds, squadrons, etc. that plays a game played by the clan.

09.If someone has a question, post it on your clan message board, unless it is personal.

10.Don't SPAM people on in game messages, personnel massages, email, or the message board.

11.Help other members of the clan.

*Admins decision will always be the final decision no matter what.*

Thank you,
|HoG| Administration
Clan Leader
Clan Leader

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